Reclaimed Pallet Dog Bed

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Reclaimed Pallet Dog Bed 



Reclaimed Pallet Dog Bed is made from reclaimed wood purchased at a local lumber yard. All pallets are put together by hand not bought as a whole to ensure that it wasn't exposed to hazardous materials. Everything is sanded down stained and sealed. Can vary in look and size however the size will range 35 " x 48 " before its cut. All stain is lightly weathered. Bedding varies on the stock. Small cubbies are not included.


These are handmade pallets from reclaimed wood purchased at a local lumber yard. These, unfortunately, are not free pallets nor are they bulk pallets cheap from China. They are handmade for the safety of our furry customers

We refuse to use random pallets because we don't know if the pallet just held tiles or hazardous and or toxic materials. 

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