How long does it take to make my gate?

We ask for 2 weeks to create than an additional 7 days for shipping. However the average time is around 8 days to make and 7 days for shipping. This time lane is subject to change depending on demand. 

What if I need it sooner?

Expedited order processing is available for an additional price. This price is calculated by demand and your gate style. Send us a request for a quote.

What measurements will I need?

We need the exact measurement of the opening we automatically take ½ off the door for the swing. If you need something extra please send us a quote request, we may need additional measurements. 

What's the difference in the swings?

What sheen does the paint come in?

All of our paints come in gloss. If your order is for a business please be sure to add that in the additional comments section when you order. We would like to add an additional clear coat to protect the finish.

What is the the stain sealed with?

We use Shellac because of it low voc properties.

Can it come Un-Finished or just primed?

Yes, we can give you unfinished just let us know, as a standard we condition the wood before its sent out. We can also prime however as a standard we use a scented primer.

Can I request the hinges uninstalled?

Yes, also if you don't specify the hinge side we send out one email requesting additional information if we don't hear back once manufacturing has started we do not install them.

What Happens if I forgot something on the order?

Just shoot us an email Orderrequest@urbanbarricade.com

What happens If I don't see something Id like added?

Just shoot us an email Orderrequest@urbanbarricade.com

Do you have more questions?

Feel free to contact us at orderrequest@urbanbarricade.com