About Us


         About Us 

         It was a sunny and clear day in Moreno Valley, California in early 2017. Birds were chirping and the AC was blowing, not a care in the world, not a creature was stirring, just chirping.

         I don't know what made me pull out my phone and go on Youtube that day. It could've been something in the air or it could've been a link sent to me but I went down that rabbit hole.  In a matter of seconds, my heart jumped as I witnessed a toddler being slid down a flight of stairs in a laundry basket.

 This traumatizing moment forever changed my life and forged the company Urban Barricade.

        Today at Urban Barricade we have one path in mind to protect all of the babies and fur-babies of the world one gate at a time. Oh and to make quality gates at affordable prices too. (We have 2 paths.) And to add to that (path) we added one more. A commitment to donate 3% of every purchase towards making gates for no-kill animal shelters and non-profit establishments that provide services in the community.

Urban Barricade wants to thank you for your business and thank you for helping us make the world a safer place for babies of every species.



Names and identities may have been changed to protect the innocent.
No babies were harmed in the making of this.